Sytematic and Herbarium Projects


The aim is to learn how to prepare herbarium specimens or vouchers, which can be used as a display or as a tool for verifying plant names in a living plant collection. The written project is aimed at helping the students to be able to gather the required scientific litterature to be able to identify plants in a collection, create an accurate interpretation display and relate horticulture to the taxonomy of a chosen group.

-Some examples from previous years:

Sara Redstone: North America


Carlos Magdalena: Conservation

Katrine Herian: Dipping Pond

Silvia Villegas: Iberian Peninsula

Lessertia montana Lourens Malan: Papilionoideae

Nidularium bilbergioides Scott Taylor: Bromeliaceae

Emma Crawforth: Ferns

Patrick Hayes: Rock Garden


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