Kyrgyzstan July 2008 Zabelia corymbosa quest

Voucher: KYRG 484 

Potentilla bifurca L. var. major Ldb.

Region: Jalal-Abad Oblast  Ala-Buka Rayon
Gazetteer: 16km south-east of Chapchyma Pass 
Coordinates: 41º31'39'' N, 70º48'48'' E  Alt: 2666m 

Small herb with pinnate leaves to 5-10cm tall. Flowers yellow.
SW slope herb community dominated by Artemisia dracunculus. gravelly soil.

Identification Notes: Verified with Flora of the USSR. Vol.10, V. L. Komarov. Small creeping and shrubby herb to 2-5cm tall. Leaves pinnate with 4-5 pairs of leaflets. Leaflets glaucous, abaxially appressed hairy. Stipules long, adnate to the petiole but not fused. Inflorescence paniculate. Flowers yellow, petals entire longer than the sepals. Almost dioecious plant, flowers with abortive anthers. Anthers to 20, carpels many. Achenes glabrous, style lateral to basal, gradually dilated from thin base, slightly constricted below the large stigmas, longer than the achenetum. Synonym P. orientalis Juz. 
Ancillary Collections: photos 

Osborne, J. 484                8 July 2008

morphological details

flower flower androecium and gynoecium androecium and gynoecium calyx and epicalyx calyx and epicalyx

gynoecium gynoecium

receptacle receptacle

carpel carpel

stipules stipules

adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

field picture
flowering branch
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher