Kyrgyzstan July 2008 Zabelia corymbosa quest

Voucher: KYRG 503 

Poa versicolor Bess.

Region: Jalal-Abad Oblast  Chatkal Rayon
Gazetteer: 7km south-west of Kara-Buura Pass 
Coordinates: 42º09'14'' N, 71º31'36'' E  Alt: 2694m 

45cm tall herb. Spikelets green tinged purple. Anthers purple. Ligule 1.5mm long membranous and serrate.
E facing slate scree with Codonopsis, Lonicera, Juniperus, Papaver, Rosa.

Identification Notes: Verified with Flora of the USSR. Vol.2, V. L. Komarov. Inflorescence paniculate with scabrous rachis. Spikelets with 2-3 flowers and a terminal rachis. Glumes almost as long as the spikelet. Lemma obscurely veined, glabrous between the veins. Callus not woolly hairy. 
Ancillary Collections: photos 

Osborne, J. 503                10 July 2008

morphological details

inflorescence inflorescence spikelet spikelet glumes glumes

flowers flowers

flower flower

lemmas lemmas

leaves leaves

ligule ligule

leaf surface leaf surface

field picture
flowering plant
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher