Kyrgyzstan July 2008 Zabelia corymbosa quest

Voucher: KYRG 511 

Silene graminifolia Otth.

Region: Jalal-Abad Oblast  Chatkal Rayon
Gazetteer: Kara-Buura Pass. (top of pass) 
Coordinates: 42º12'09'' N, 71º34'46'' E  Alt: 3315m 
Herb, 25cm tall. Upper part of stem sticky. Nodes purple tinged. Corolla 5-lobed, greenish-white above, purplish-brown beneath. Petal bifid at apex, curving inwards as flower ages. Anthers greenish-yellow. Flowers scented. Calyx whitish with dull purple veins.
Alpine exposed rocky hill at the top of the pass E to NE facing. With Astragalus, Pulsatilla, Silene, Allium.

Identification Notes: Verified with Flora of the USSR. Vol.6, V. L. Komarov and Lazkov, G. A. Family Caryophyllaceae in Kyrgyzstan Semeistco gvozdchnye vo flore Kyrgystana. Perennial with stout taproot. Leaves 1-2mm broad. Flowers pedicellate. Calyx 10 veined with commissural veins, 10mm long and glabrous. Petals deeply 2 cleft, claw long and ciliate. 
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Osborne, J. 511                10 July 2008

morphological details

flower flower calyx lobes calyx lobes calyx lobes calyx lobes

androecium and gynoecium androecium and gynoecium

androecium and gynoecium androecium and gynoecium

styles styles

androgynophore androgynophore

anthers anthers

pedicels pedicels

node node

leaf surface leaf surface

basal leaves basal leaves

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flowering plant
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

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