Kyrgyzstan July 2008 Zabelia corymbosa quest

Voucher: KYRG 165 

Oedibasis apiculata (Kar. et Kir.) K.Pol.

Region: Jalal-Abad Oblast  Chatkal Rayon
Gazetteer: Ters Valley, outside Besh-Aral State Res 
Coordinates: 41º39'25'' N, 70º43'50'' E  Alt: 1590m 

Tuberous herb. Leaves one pinnate with spiny serrate margins. Umbel compound with bracts and bracteoles. Petals white with a recurved apical lobe. Ovary glabrous elongated, unwinged. Umbel monoecious, female flowers on the edge, male in the middle. Stylopodium with recurved styles.
Herbaceous community dominated by Prangos, Artemisia with Bupleurum, Chenopodiaceae, Centaurea along the track.

Identification Notes: Verified with Flora of the USSR. Vol.16, V. L. Komarov and Pimenov, M.G. (1937- ) The Umbelliferae of Kirghyzia Zontichnye (Umbelliferae) Kirgizii. Perennial with tuber near the ground surface. Leaves mostly basal sheathing. Leaves 1 pinnate with broad spiny toothed leaflets. Umbels compound with a involucre of bracts. Stylopodium short with long styles. Anthers pinkish hidden inside the recurved petals. Carpophore long. Flowers male, hermaphrodite and female. Schizocarp with narrow wings appressed to each other. Canals 2 along the commissure, several small in valleculae. 
Ancillary Collections: photos 

Landrein, S. 165                9 July 2008

morphological details

umbel umbel flowers flowers flower flower

bracts bracts

bracteoles bracteoles

schizocarp schizocarp

section of the schizocarp section of the schizocarp

mericarp mericarp

mericarp and carpophore mericarp and carpophore

section of the mericarp section of the mericarp

leaf leaf

leaf sheath leaf sheath

field picture
flowering plant
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

Other field pictures