Kyrgyzstan July 2008 Zabelia corymbosa quest

Voucher: KYRG 166 

Fabaceae subf. faboideae
Astragalus sieversianus Pall.

Region: Jalal-Abad Oblast  Chatkal Rayon
Gazetteer: Ters Valley, outside Besh-Aral State Res 
Coordinates: 41º39'25'' N, 70º43'50'' E  Alt: 1590m 

Long sprawling herb with few branches from the base. Leaves imparipinnate. Stem and leaves woolly hairy. Legumes axillary solitary or three. Legume with very woody wall covered in wool and looking like mice.
Herbaceous community dominated by Prangos, Artemisia with Bupleurum, Chenopodiaceae, Centaurea along the track.

Identification Notes: Verified with Flora of the USSR. Vol.12, V. L. Komarov. Sungenus Astragalus. Leaves imparipinnate with 12-15 pairs of leaflets. Leaflets oblong to 4x 1.8cm, hairy. Pubescence of dense simple white hairs. Stipules free. Stem hollow. Legumes coriaceous, coarsely thick walled, lanate, pannose. Legume almost bilocular because of the intrusive placentas. 
Ancillary Collections: DNA, photos, seeds (parasitised) 

Landrein, S. 166                9 July 2008

morphological details

leaflet abaxially leaflet abaxially stipule stipule  
seed pictures
legume legume legume indumentum legume indumentum legume valve legume valve
intrusive placenta intrusive placenta intrusive placenta intrusive placenta parasited seeds parasited seeds
seed seed  
field picture
flowering branch
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher sheet 1/2
Herbarium voucher sheet 2/2

Other field pictures

inflorescence inflorescence