Mexico 2013 Flora de San Luis Potosi y Queretaro

Voucher:AN 411

Polygala barbeyana Chodat

Location:San Luis Potosi, Cerro de San Miguelito, above Privadas de Pedregal. Canada de Lobos.
Coordinates: 22°05'34" N, 100°00'18" W Alt: 2250m

Herb 20 cm tall. Flowers light purple with yellow at apex of lip. Fruits green with dark purple-black margins.
Disturbed sandy area grazed by horses and donkeys. Geology: igneous rock. Open area with Poaceae. Rocky SW-facing slope 20º.

Identification Notes: Verified with Blake (1916) A Revision of the genus Polygala in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. Contr. Gray Herb. 47:1-122. Keel without crest or beak. Sepals all free, wings much larger than sepals. Sepals herbaceous and caducous. Aril pubescent at apex (only immature arils seen). Subgenus Hebecarpa, Section Euhebecarpa, Subsection Microthrix, Series Obscurae.

Nova, J.A. de #411      11 June 2013

morphological details

flower flower flower flower gynoecium gynoecium
capsule capsule capsule section capsule section seed seed
leaf leaf adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

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Herbarium voucher

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