Mexico 2013 Flora de San Luis Potosi y Queretaro

Voucher:AN 414

Physalis glutinosa Schltdl. var. glutinosa

Location:San Luis Potosi, Cerro de San Miguelito, above Privadas de Pedregal. Canada de Lobos.
Coordinates: 22°05'50" N, 101°00'32" W Alt: 2230m

Herb 50 cm tall. Stems viscid. Flowers pendent. Corolla dull yellow outside, purple-brown inside. Nectary disk bright orange. Calyx purple brown.
Disturbed sandy area grazed by horses and donkeys. Geology: igneous rock. Growing in a corral for livestock, at base of wall with Opuntia robusta.

Identification Notes: Verified with Waterfall, U T 1967 'Physalis in Mexico, Central America and the West Indies' Rhodora 69. Corolla limb expanded.

Nova, J.A. de #414      11 June 2013

morphological details

calyx calyx corolla corolla androecium androecium

gynoecium gynoecium

style style

berry berry

berry berry berry section berry section stem stem
adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface  

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flowers flower
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Herbarium voucher

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