Mexico 2013 Flora de San Luis Potosi y Queretaro

Voucher:AN 433

Lonicera mexicana (Kunth) Rehder

Location:Queretaro, Lagunita de San Diego.
Coordinates: 21°24'43" N, 99°07'48" W Alt: 2116m

Spindly shrub 2 m tall. Leaves pale beneath with glaucous bloom. Flowers dark pink, pendent. Corolla tube gibbous at base.
Pinus forest with Pinus gregii, Arbutus xalapensis, Cupressus lusitanica, Rhus aromatica, Litsea glaucescens, Quercus obtusata, Q. affinis, Cornus, Aphananthe. Growing at valley bottom amoungst rocks, in shade of tall Quercus.

Identification Notes: Verified with Jose Angel Villarreal Q. 2000 'Flora del Bajio y de Regiones Adyacentes' Vol. 88. Subgenus Chamaecerasus section Isika subsection Purpurascentes. Leaves sparsely hairy abaxially, accessory buds present. Pith solid. Flowers paired on long peduncles. Bracts and braceoles present, as long as to half as long as ovaries, free. Ovaries unfused, glabrous. Calyx reduced, corolla gibbous at base otherwise tubular and almost regular.

Nova, J.A. de #433      13 June 2013

morphological details

paired flowers paired flowers paired flowers paired flowers paired ovaries paired ovaries

bracts bracts

calyx calyx

corolla corolla

corolla tube base corolla tube base corolla lobes corolla lobes androecium, style androecium, style
style style androecium androecium corolla tube corolla tube
corolla tube section corolla tube section nectary nectary bud scales bud scales
stem stem adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface
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Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

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flowering branch