Mexico 2013 Flora de San Luis Potosi y Queretaro

Voucher:AN 478

Salvia glechomaefolia Kunth

Location:San Luis Potosi, Xilitla, La Trinidad, on the way to 'El Pilon'
Coordinates: 21°23'58" N, 99°04'31" W Alt: 2057m

Erect herb. Flowers blue with two white blotches on lower lip. Calyces green. Inflorescence only faintly aromatic when crushed.
Forest slope with Quercus and Juniperus, Vitis and Ribes. 45º E-facing slope.

Identification Notes: Verified with M. Epling, C. 1939 'A revision of Salvia subgenus Calosphace' Fedde Repert Sp. Nov. Beih. 110:1-388. Subgenus Calosphace, section Uliginosae. Leaves cauline and basal. Leaves deltoid, base cuneate but not decurrent on petiole. Inflorescence dense or with remote whorls. Corolla tube 6-7mm long without constriction and glabrous. Lower lip much longer and with two white blotches. Stamens inserted in upper lip. Style hirsute apically, stigmas upper branch long lower branch short and acute, middle of connective with a well defined tooth. Variable and widespread species complex.

Nova, J.A. de #478      14 June 2013

morphological details

inflorescence inflorescence bracts bracts calyx calyx

calyx indumentum calyx indumentum

flower flower

corolla corolla

corolla tube corolla tube corolla mouth corolla mouth style style
corolla mouth corolla mouth corolla section corolla section stamen stamen
connective connective thecae thecae gynoecium gynoecium
stem stem adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface
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