Mexico 2013 Flora de Puebla y Veracruz

Voucher:LCO 2598

Lantana hirta Graham

Location:Puebla, Mpio Soltepec, between Acatzingo and San Salvador El Seco.
Coordinates: 19°04'03" N, 97°41'34" W Alt: 2394m

Shrub 80 cm tall. Corolla white and some flowers with yellow throat. Leaves aromatic when crushed.
Pine forest with Pinus orizabensis, Quercus and Cupressus. Growing with Poaceae under Cupressus.

Identification Notes: Verified with Dorothy L. Nash 1984 'Flora de Veracruz, Verbenaceae' Vol. 41. Woody plant. Inflorescences capitate with ovate outer bracts (apex apiculate), single in each leaf axil. Flowers tubular, white with yellow mouth, 4-lobed. Peduncle long and recurved in fruit. Similar to Lippia graveolens but inflorescences single in each leaf axil and fruit fleshy (not present).

Caamaño Onofre, L. #2598      1 June 2013

morphological details

inflorescence inflorescence flower, bracts flower, bracts flower flower

flowers flowers

flower flower

corolla corolla

corolla apex corolla apex flower section flower section gynoecium gynoecium
calyx section calyx section fruiting receptacle fruiting receptacle stem stem
adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface  
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