Mexico 2013 Flora de Puebla y Veracruz

Voucher:LCO 2603

Prionosciadium thapsoides (DC.) Mathias

Location:Puebla, Mpio San Salvador el Seco, San J. Barroso, between San Salvador El Seco and San Nicolas Buenos Aires.
Coordinates: 19°10'27" N, 97°36'31" W Alt: 2369m

Stout, erect herb 2 m tall. Stem hollow, purple tinged with white bloom. Inflorescence branches 3-4 in whorls from main stem. Tepals purple brown in bud opening to yellow with purple brown tinge. Anthers yellow. Cut stem smells acrid. Cut root exudes yellow latex.
Open volcanic rock and sand area with Opuntia and Euphorbiaceae.

Identification Notes: Verified with Calderon, G. & Rzedowski, J. 2001 'Flora fanerogamica del Valle de Mexico'. Leaves pinnate with crenate leaflets. Leaflets base decurrent onto leaf rachis. Inflorescence coumpound and without bracts. flowers bisexual on the edge, male in the middle. Schizocarps flattened with two broad wings on the margin and three small ribs on the mericarps body.

Caamaño Onofre, L. #2603      1 June 2013

morphological details

umbel rays umbel rays pedicels pedicels umbel umbel

fruits fruits

schizocarp schizocarp

styles styles

fruit fruit fruit cross section fruit cross section mericarp cross section mericarp cross section
leaf rachis leaf rachis abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

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flowering plant umbel
fruits umbel


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