Mexico 2013 Flora de Puebla y Veracruz

Voucher:LCO 2622

Astragalus helleri Fenzl

Location:Veracruz, Mpio Perote.
Coordinates: 19°28'12" N, 97°15'16" W Alt: 2609m

Low shrub, 40 cm tall, with soft grey pubescent foliage and stems. Flowers red. Standard with white at base, keel white inside.
Edge of Pine forest. Growing under Pinus and ?Nolina.

Identification Notes: Verified with Verified with Barneby (1964), Atlas of North American Astragalus. Section mollissimi, subsection Orthanthi.

Caamaño Onofre, L. #2622      2 June 2013

morphological details

pedicel pedicel calyx calyx banner banner

keel keel

wing wing

ovary ovary

ovary ovary androecium, style androecium, style androecium, style androecium, style
capsule capsule capsule section capsule section seeds seeds
stipules stipules adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

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fruits fruit
field picture
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

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