Mexico 2013 Flora de Puebla y Veracruz

Voucher:LCO 2632

Salvia venturana B.L.Turner

Location:Veracruz, Mpio Perote, Tepeyahualco, km 97 on the Autopista from Puebla to Jalapa.
Coordinates: 19°32'13" N, 97°22'38" W Alt: 2415m

Shrub 110 cm tall, 170 cm spread. Foliage aromatic when crushed. Flowers bright pink.
Old volcanic lava flow with ?Nolina, Agave, Opuntia, Hechtia and Mammillaria. Roadside edge of lava flow growing at the base of a NE-facing slope with Poaceae, Agave and Solanum.

Identification Notes: Verified with M. L. Fernald. 1900 'A Synopsis of the Mexican and Central American species of Salvia' Proc. Amer. Acad. 35:489-556; Epling, C. 1939 'A revision of Salvia subgenus Calosphace' Fedde Repert Sp. Nov. Beih. 110:1-388 and Turner, B.L. 2013 'Taxonomic Overview of the Mexican Species of Salvia sect. Flocculosae (Lamiaceae). Phytoneuron 36:1-11. Subgenus Calosphace, Section flocculosae. Leaves densely hairy and glandular abaxially with mainly branched hairs, adaxially rugose. flowers pink-reddish hairy to 20mm long. Corolla tube exannulate but with teeth and constricted in the middle. Connective much longer than filament. News species endemic to Puebla and close to S. microphylla.

Caamaño Onofre, L. #2632      2 June 2013

morphological details

calyx calyx calyx base calyx base calyx lobes calyx lobes

corolla upper lip corolla upper lip

stigmas stigmas

calyx section calyx section

corolla section corolla section gynoecium gynoecium stamen stamen
stamen stamen filament filament thecae thecae
stem stem adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

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flower flower
field picture
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

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flowering shrub