Mexico 2013 Flora de Durango y Jalisco

Voucher:SG 484

Vaccinium stenophyllum Steud

Location:Jalisco, NNW of Bolaños.
Coordinates: 22°12'13" N, 103°52'59" W Alt: 2347m

Shrub, 50 cm height and spread. Leaves glaucous. Flowers white. Bark reddish-grey. Young shoots and petioles pinkish.
Open Quercus and Pinus forest with Pinus lumholtzii, Quercus radiata, Arctostaphylos pungens, Arbutus madrensis and Arbutus tessellata. Growing in NW-facing rocks along dry stream gully, with Clethra.

Identification Notes: Verified with Wilbur, R. L. & J. L. Luteyn. A synopsis of the Mexican and Central American species of Vaccinium (Ericaceae). J. Bot. Res. Texas 2: 207-241. 2008. Flowers solitary at the end of branches and with reduced leaves. Leaves with prominent venation adaxially. Corolla urceolate. Calyx disarticulating below pedicel. Nectary disc glabrous. Anthers with two very short erect spurs. Filaments scabrous. Differs from the type because this plant is very glaucous.

González, S. #484      18 June 2013

morphological details

flowers flowers flowers flowers flower flower

flower flower

flower section flower section

nectary disc nectary disc

androecium androecium stamens stamens ovary ovary
stipules stipules adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

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inflorescence flowers
field picture
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

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flowering branch