Mexico itinerary


Saturday 01 June 2013

1: Puebla, Mpio Soltepec, between Acatzingo and San Salvador El Seco

Pine forest with Pinus orizabensis, Quercus and Cupressus. Altitude: 2394m

cultivated Opuntia fileds


Forest with Tillandsia usneoides

Forest understory

Lantana hirta Graham Verbenaceae LCO 2598

Commelina diffusa Burm.f. Commelinaceae LCO 2599

Euphorbia sp. Euphorbiaceae LCO 2600

Hypoxis mexicana Schult. & Schult.f. Hypoxidaceae LCO 2601

Zephyranthes minuta (Kunth) D.Dietr. Amaryllidaceae LCO 2602

2: Puebla, Mpio San Salvador el Seco, San J. Barroso, between San Salvador El Seco and San Nicolas Buenos Aires

Open volcanic rock and sand area with Opuntia. Altitude: 2369m

Erythrina leptorhiza and Opuntia streptacantha

Erythrina leptorhiza

Erythrina leptorhiza

Mentziella hispida

Prionosciadium thapsoides (DC.) Mathias Apiaceae LCO 2603

Dahlia merckii Lehm. Asteraceae LCO 2604

Arracacia tolucensis (Kunth) Hemsl. var. multifida (Wats.) Math. & Const. Apiaceae LCO 2605

3: Puebla, Mpio Tepeyahualco, Laguna de Alchichica

Salt lake marginal habitat, grazed by sheep and goats. Altitude: 2325m

Lake Alchichica is ecologically unique, with stromatolite deposits and a high degree of endemism. The biota has adapted to extreme conditions characterized by high ionic concentrations of water and poor nutrient content. The dominant stromatolite species are the spongy type Enthophysalis atrata.

Laguna de Alchichica

Laguna de Alchichica

Opuntia decumbens

Opuntia decumbens

Ranunculus cymbalaria Pursh Ranunculaceae LCO 2606

Juncus balticus Willd. subsp. mexicanus (Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Snogerup Juncaceae LCO 2607

Astragalus mollisimus Torr. var. irolanus (M.E.Jones) Barneby Fabaceae LCO 2608

Juncus balticus Willd. subsp. mexicanus (Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f.) Snogerup Juncaceae LCO 2609

Atriplex suberecta I.Verd. Amaranthaceae LCO 2610

Ephedra compacta Rose Ephedraceae LCO 2613

Buddleja perfoliata Kunth Scrophulariaceae LCO 2614

Adolphia infesta (H.B.K.) Meisn. Rhamnaceae LCO 2615

Berberis trifolia (Cham. & Schltdl.) Schult. & Schult.f. Berberidaceae LCO 2616

4: Puebla, Mpio Tepeyahualco, between Alchichica and Totalco

S-facing slope with Hechtia, Dasylirion Altitude: 2412m

S facing slope with Hechtia and Dasylirion

Hechtia and Dasylirion

Echeveria amoena De Smet ex E.Morren Crassulaceae LCO 2617

Brongniartia intermedia Moric. Fabaceae LCO 2618

Sedum juergensenii (Hemsl.) Moran Crassulaceae LCO 2619


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