Giles teaching Herbarium and the Babington classification

  Thalamiflorae   Monochlamydeae   Floridae
  Calyciflorae   Gymnospermae   Glumiferae
  Corolliflorae   Dictyogenae   Filices

Babington natural classification class and division.

Class I. Dicotyledones. Div. I. Thalamiflorae

Petals distinct (rarely 0), and stamens hypogynous.

Div. II. Calyciflorae

Petals distinct or connate, and stamens perigynous or epigynous.

Div. III. Corolliflorae

Petals more or less united by their edges. Stamens mostly epipetalous.

Div IV. Monochlamydeae

With only a single perianth; i.e. calyx and corolla not distinguishable, or wanting.

Div. V. Gymnospermae

Ovaries apparently naked. Carpel spread out flat. No calyx nor corolla.

Class. II. Monocotyledones. Div. I. Dictyogenae

Leaves net-veined. Floral envelopes whorled.

Div. II. Floridae

Leaves parallel-veined. Floral envelopes whorled.

Div. III. Gumiferae

Leaves perallel-veined. Floral envelopes imbricate.

Class III. Cryptogameae

Flowerless plants.