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Identification and Verification of Cultivated Plants


example of the information displayed on a label in the garden.

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Vouchers are the pressed specimen that will be kept in the herbarium and used as a reference for the verification but also for the DNA extract.

The information is typed on BRAHMS database which produces a label and the herbarium specimen is barcoded.

Viburnum utile Herbarium Cultivated Plants


Viburnum utile Hemsley

Verified by:Landrein, S.
Notes:Checked with the draft Flora of China ( Plant stellate pubescent. Buds naked. Leaves evergreen dark green adaxially, grey densely stellate hairy abaxially. Margin entire or with a few teeth. Veins abaxially impressed. Inflorescence a umbellate compound. Calyx tube long and glabrous, calyx lobes very short. Corolla campanulate with a short tube and lobes as long as the tube..
Wild voucher no: SICH 1704                     18 September 1996
Locality:China, Sichuan, Jiang Co., Wen Chang Temple
ALt: 820m
Field notes:Cultivated stand of trees planted in antiquity. plant to 3m, with spread to 2.5m. Below stand of Cupressus funebris within regenerating mix of woody plants with Platycarya strobilacea, Ligustrum sp., Vitex negundo, Myrsine africana and Pittosporum.
Collector:Kirkham, T. et al. #SICH 1704

Seed voucher of Viburnum utile 2004-1022, SICH 1704

Viburnum utile
flowering branch
Verification Voucher of Viburnum utile
Viburnum utile flowering branch grown from seeds of SICH 1704