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Impatiens wallerana Hook.f.

Verified by: Temperate sect. 15 December 2009
Notes: Verified with Grey Wilson 'Impatiens of Africa'. Leaves alternate with scattered glands along petiole. Flowers 2-3 on long peduncle more than 10 mm long. Lower sepals navicular and long spurred. Upper and lower petals large and pink-fuchsia. Lower and upper lobes of lateral petal equal slightly emmarginate and at an angle of 90 degres.
Wild voucher no:                                17 June 1973
Locality: Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro
Coordinates:  2893m
Field notes: Common on slopes and track sides leading through cult. areas on the SE side of the mountain ; glabrous plant up to 0.5m, leaves broad with very fine pubescence on top; flowers deep pink, 50 mm. spur white.
Collector: Whitehead, M.J. 11

pedicels pedicels

spur spur

lower sepal lower sepal

upper sepal upper sepal

androecium androecium

androecium androecium

petal petal

gynoecium gynoecium

flower bud flower bud

stem stem

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

flowering branch