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Senecio nyikensis Baker var. hildebrandtii (Vatke) G.D.Rowley

Verified by: Temperate sect.24 August 2011
Notes: Verified with Rowley, G.D. 'Succulent Compositae' 1994 missing from the library. Leaves succulent, glaucous with bloom, rosulate at apex of short stems. Capitula terminal. Phyllaries in a single whorl 8-10 fused at base. Florets all disc-like bright orange, spreading and with a curved tube. Filaments very long exserted. Pappus of scabrous hairs. Cypsela sligthly ribbed. Similar to 1971-934 but colour different. Asked Nicholas Hind but he does not reply.
Locality: Kenya
Collector:Brandham, P.1722

phyllaries phyllaries

florets florets

florets florets

corolla tube corolla tube

androecium androecium

stigmas stigmas

capitulum section capitulum section

receptacle receptacle

cypsela cypsela
pappus pappus cypsela section cypsela section stem stem
adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface leaf section leaf section

flowering branch