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Hordeum murinum L.

Verified by: Xanthos, M.28 June 2012
Notes: Verified with Flora Europaea vol. 5. Nodes swollen but stem not swollen at base. Leaves glabrous or with few scattered long hairs. Ligule membranous short, sheath glabrous and auriculate at mouth. Inflorescence compressed spike. Spikelets 3 at each node. Florets 1, glumes linear subulate with a long terminal awn. Rachilla prolonged in central spikelet. Glumes of central spikelet long ciliate. Lateral spikelet sterile. Rachilla prolongation on lateral spikelets orange-brown.Hordeum glaucum is a synonym of H.murinum subsp. glaucum. Not sure if this is the actual subspecies so will leave it as H.murinum.
Wild voucher no:                               1975
Locality: New Zealand, Otago Prov., Clutha river area
Field notes: Introduced.
Collector:Hubbard, C.E.38

florets florets

glumes awns glumes awns

inflorescence rachis inflorescence rachis

fertile and sterile florets fertile and sterile florets

glume glume

glume glume

fertile floret fertile floret

gynoecium gynoecium

sterile floret with orange rachilla sterile floret with orange rachilla
fertile floret fertile floret node node ligule ligule
abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface leaf section leaf section

flowering plant


basal leaves