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Hosta rectifolia Nakai

Verified by: Temperate sect.19 September 2011
Notes: Verified with Ohwi, J. 'Flora of Japan' and Schmid, W.G. 'The Genus Hosta' 1991. Leaves green, base decurrent on the petiole. Bracts persistent and folded around the pedicel. Corolla purplish with impressed transparent line between the corolla lobes, much impressed in the tube. Anthers blue with orange pollen. Corolla tube shorter than the campanulate upper part. Hosta is a difficult genus where most species resemble each other. H. sieboldii has more glaucous leaves and do not occur on Hokkaido. possibly this is H. rectifolia because of the purplish anthers and green leaves ?
Wild voucher no:                               29 September 1979
Locality: Japan, Hokkaido, Mt Apoi
Coordinates: 579m
Field notes: Meadows with Iris and Hemerocallis. Was Liliaceae.
Collector:Halliwell, B.4081A

inflorescence inflorescence

corolla tube corolla tube

corolla mouth corolla mouth

anthers anthers

androecium androecium

style style

ovary ovary

cross section of the ovary cross section of the ovary

ovary cross section ovary cross section
adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface leaf section leaf section

flowering branch