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Lonicera obovata Royle

Verified by: Temperate sect. 16 June 2009
Notes: Verified with Flora of China online draft and Rehder, A. 'Synopsis of the Genus Lonicera', Annual Report, Missouri Botanical Garden. 14. 1903. Sect. Isika subsect. purpurascentes. Pith of stem white not hollowed. Leaves glabrous with short petiole. Inflorescence two flowered with fused ovaries. Bracts 3, the middle one bilobed, subulate, acute longer than the ovaries. Bractlets connate less than a third as high as ovaries. Flowers yellow almost regular. Stamens and stigmas not protruding. Corolla gibbous with a nectary pouch on one side. Ovary 2 loculed.
Wild voucher no:                                31 August 1981
Locality: Nepal, Sankhuwasaba Dist., Barun Khola, Yangle
Coordinates:  3600m
Field notes: Shrub to 60cms.
Collector: Grey-Wilson et al. 4168

peduncle and bracts peduncle and bracts

ovaries ovaries

flowers flowers

section of the flower section of the flower

ovaries ovaries

calyces calyces

ovaries ovaries

cross section of the ovaries cross section of the ovaries

cross section of the stem cross section of the stem

stem stem

adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

flowering branches