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Helicotrichon decorum (Janka) Henrard

Verified by: Vorontsova, M.12 April 2012
Notes: Verified with Flora Europaea vol. 5. Inflorescence a lax panicle. Spikelets numerous each with 4 florets only 1-2 are sterile. Glumes unequal lanceolate. Lemma 4-7 veined. glabrous slightly 2 dentate at apex with a geniculate awn arising at about the middle. Palea ciliate. Ovary densely hairy.
Wild voucher no:                               June 1982
Locality: Romania, Cheia Turzi Gorge, On South facing cliffs.
Field notes: The plants were growing in very exposed conditions in typical rendzina soil profile. Gorge jurasic calcium, growing with a number of Festuca and close to Sesleria rigida. Perennial; caespitose. Butt sheaths persistent and investing base of culm; with compacted dead sheaths. Basal innovations extravaginal. Culms 40-80 cm long. Leaf-sheaths open for most of their length. Ligule a ciliolate membrane; 0.5 mm long; truncate. Leaf-blades flat, or convolute; 20-50 cm long; 2.5-4 mm wide; glaucous. Leaf-blade venation without layer of subepidermal sclerenchyma masking vein striation. Leaf-blade surface ribbed; scabrous; rough adaxially. Inflorescence a panicle. Panicle open; linear, or oblong; 10-15 cm long. Primary panicle branches bearing 4-10 fertile spikelets on each lower branch. Spikelets solitary. Fertile spikelets pedicelled. Pedicels linear.
Collector:Watkins, J.11

inflorescence inflorescence

mature spikelet mature spikelet

spikelet spikelet

floret floret

spikelet v

floret floret

dissected floret dissected floret

lemma lemma

lemma back lemma back

dissected floret dissected floret

ovary ovary

leaf leaf

ligule ligule

leaf section leaf section


flowering branch