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Triosteum pinnatifidum Max.

Verified by: Temperate sect. 17 August 2009
Notes: Verified with Flora of China draft ( Basal leaves pinnatifid. Petioles of opposite leaves not fused at base. Inflorescence in clusters on a terminal axis also on lateral branches but not in the axils of the leaves. Berries white covered with long glandular hairs. Seeds black with thick and woody crust. Sumbited as T. himalayanum Wall.

berry berry

calyx calyx

berry berry

section of the berry section of the berry

seed seed

seed seed

seed seed

section of the seed section of the seed

berry surface berry surface

inflorescence inflorescence

ovary ovary

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

leaf margin leaf margin

adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

leaf base leaf base

fruiting branch