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Lonicera ligustrina Wallich

Verified by: Temperate sect. 12 June 2009
Notes: Verified with Flora of China online draft and Rehder, A.'Synopis of the Genus Lonicera', Annual Report, Missouri Botanical Garden. 14. 1903. Sect. Isika, Subsect. Pileatae. Erect shrub, branched. Branches with solid white pith, later becoming brown. Young branches hairy, old glabrous. Winter buds with several pairs of scales. Leaves opposite, oblong-lanceolate to obtuse, green, base cuneate, apex obtuse, shiny and midvein not obviously raised adaxially. Peduncles very short, axillary, flowers paired. Bracts leaf like, linear-lanceolate, often longer than calyx tube. Bracteoles small, fused, but ovaries separate. Calyx distinctly toothed. Corolla yellow outside shortly hairy, hairy inside, tube swollen, longer than lobes.
Locality: China, Sichuan, 40km SE of Namping, near Wujiao in Huangtuliang Hills.
Coordinates:  2100m
Field notes: Shrub to 80cm on the edge of dense shrubs.
Collector: Lord Howick SICH 230.

flowers flowers

corolla mouth corolla mouth

corolla tubes corolla tubes

section of the flower section of the flower

cross section of the ovaries cross section of the ovaries

ovaries ovaries

calyx calyx

berries berries

berry apex berry apex

berry berry

section of the berry section of the berry

seed seed

stem stem

adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

flowering branches