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Aristolochia baetica L.

Verified by:Temperate sect.
Notes:Verified with Flora Iberica online. Herbaceous twining climber. Leaves petiolate, cordate at the base, emarginate to mucronate at apex, glaucous, paler beneath. Flowers solitary on long pedicels. Perianth uniseriate, tubular, narrow and curved, approx. 5cm long, inflated at the base, greenish-purple and glaucous outside, dark purplish-black inside with pale hairs. Stamens 6, fused around the stigmas. Ovary inferior.
Wild voucher no:                          18 March 1995
Locality:Spain, Andalusia, Province Granada, On side road of N340 at Punta de la Mona, 5km west of la Herradura.
Coordinates: 50m
Field notes:Climbing plant growing on a moist north facing chalky rock formation in a road ditch.
Collector:Radscheit, M s.n.

flower flower

perianth apex perianth apex

mouth mouth

flower with removed tepals flower with removed tepals

inside of the perianth tube inside of the perianth tube

stigmas and stamens stigmas and stamens

perianth tube perianth tube

stigmas and stamen stigmas and stamen

cross section of the ovary cross section of the ovary

flowering branch