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Hoya erythrina Rintz.

Verified by: Goyder, D.31 July 2012
Notes: Leaves dark green adaxially with pseudo parallel venation. Leaf slightly peltate at base. Inflorescence capitate. Flowers 10mm long and 15 mm across, scented. Pedicels 15mm long. Corolla with recurved lobes, fleshy each lobe densely covered with thick long hairs. Flowers green-yellow in colour. Staminal corona lobes acute 4-5 mm long, concave above.
Wild voucher no:                               19 May 1998
Locality: Vietnam, Khanh Hoa Prov., Khanh Son Dis., : En route from Cam Ran to Khan Son.
Coordinates: 950m
Field notes: Degraded seasonal evergreen forest on moderate to steep slopes. Deep clay soils over granite. Vigorous twining and weakly root-climbing liane to 3m. Leaves deep green, succulent and tough.
Collector:Boyce, P.C.1322

inflorescence inflorescence

flower flower

petal indumentum petal indumentum

calyx calyx

flower flower

flower centre flower centre

corona corona

corolla abaxially corolla abaxially

translator arms translator arms
pollinia pollinia flower section flower section gynostegium section gynostegium section
corona scale corona scale gynoecium gynoecium ovary cross section ovary cross section
stem stem adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

flowering branch