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Hydnophytum formicarum Jack

Verified by: Rubiaceae sect. 23 July 2013
Notes: Revision of Hydnophytum not yet published. Tuber globose, without spines and ribbed. Stems several and branches. Leaves succulent. Flowers in small clusters at the end of short shoots. Flowers white 4 merous. Style and stamens exserted. Fruit a red berry with a single pyrene.
Field notes: G299 (glasshouse).

flower bud flower bud flower flower flower flower

flower flower

flower section flower section

style style
ovary cross section ovary cross section drupe drupe seed seed
seed seed seed cross section seed cross section stem stem
adaxial leaf section adaxial leaf section abaxial leaf section abaxial leaf section leaf cross section leaf cross section

flowering plant


fruiting branch