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Drosera callistos N.G. Marchant & Lowrie

Verified by:Temperate sect. 15 May 2008
Notes:Verified with Lowrie,A. 'Carnivorous Plants of Australia vol2' . A Pigmy Drosera . Leaves orbicular with narrow petiole to 1mm broad, stipules laciniate to 4 mm long. Leaves grouped in a rosette close to the ground. Leaf blade rounded. Inflorescence an erect cyme, 9cm long, 5-10 flowered Flowers ephemeral to 20 mm across, orange-coppery coloured. Flowers 5-merous. Ovary dark black with 3-4 or 5 styles. Stigmas continuous with the style. Said to have three styles in the description.
Field notes:14279

flower flower

faded flower faded flower

pedicels pedicels

flower seen from above flower seen from above

gynoecium gynoecium

styles and stamens styles and stamens

petal petal

corolla seen from below corolla seen from below

sepal sepal

cross section of the ovary cross section of the ovary

leaf rosette leaf rosette

leaves leaves

leaf balde leaf balde

leaf blade leaf blade

leaf leaf

flowering plant