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Tylecodon similis (Toelken) Toelken

Verified by: Temperate sect. 4 April 2013
Notes: Verifed with Flora of Southern Africa Vol. 12. Woody stem and leaves with abscission layer. Stems smooth without decurrent leaf bases. Leaves succulent, terrete and glabrous. Inflorescence corymbose and few flowered. Corolla white-green with dense tufts of hairs inside the mouth.
Wild voucher no:                                 27 August 2001
Locality:  South Africa: 2km N Augrabies, 12km EPort Nolloth.
Coordinates:  200m
Field notes: Donated Dec 2001. 2/3rd up Mountain Quartzite Ns, Namibian Gariep Supergroup, Stinkfontein Subgroup. Map. 2917AA.
Collector:Tribble, D. DT6812

flower flower flower flower corolla mouth corolla mouth

flower base flower base

calyx calyx

flower section flower section

gynoecium gynoecium

squamae squamae

ovary cross section ovary cross section

stem stem

leaf base leaf base

leaf leaf

leaf surface leaf surface

leaf leaf

leaf cross section leaf cross section

flowering plant