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Helwingia japonica (Thunb. ex Murray) F.Dietr.

Verified by: Temperate sect.10 May 2012
Notes: Verified with Ohwi, J. 'Flora of Japan'. Shrub with green smooth stems. Leaves petiolate with serrate margin, teeth ending in a long point. Inflorescence rachis fused to the leaf midrib reaching half way up the leaf. Inflorescence umbellate with 8-10 flowers. Corolla valvate with only 4 green sepals. Stamens 4 with short erect filaments. Ovary reduced. Only one species of Helwingia grows in Japan.
Wild voucher no:                               24 October 2003
Locality: Japan, Niigata Pref., Sado-Ga-Shima, Kinsen-jou, Niibo
Coordinates: 210m
Field notes: Plants up to 2m. in height, spreading to 1.5m. Trees dominant in two layers, canopy 10-60m. Under Quercus sp's with Weigela.

flowers flowers

inflorescence inflorescence

male flower male flower

flower flower

flower flower

perianth perianth

flower section flower section

bud bud

stem stem

leaf base leaf base

leaf margin leaf margin

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

flowering branch