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Heuchera cylindrica Douglas ex Hook.

Verified by: Temperate sect.1 August 2011
Notes: Verified with Flora of North America online ( Inflorescence a thyrse, scape leafless. Hypanthium hairy to 5mm long, campanulate. Sepals erect, yellow green and hairy. No petals. Carpels 2 semi inferior and half fused. Styles 1.5-2mm long. Stamens 5, included, filaments longer than the anthers. The Flora states 'There is no value in recognizing infraspecific taxa until phylogentic work is done'
Wild voucher no:                               28 July 2003
Locality: USA, Washington, Lincoln Co., Columbia plateau, Fishtrap grazing allotment, 11.2 km NE of Sprague.
Coordinates: 640m
Field notes: Associated with Artemisia tripartita, Festuca idahoensis, Pseudoroegneria spicata, Artemisia tridentata, Amelanchier alniflolia, Rosa woodsii, Prunus virginiana, Lomatium dissectum, Lupinus sericeus, Gaillardia aristata and Symphoricarpos albus. MSB 0198341.
Collector:Millenium Seed Bank #130-007

inflorescence rachis inflorescence rachis

flowers flowers

flower flower

flower section flower section

gynoecium, androecium gynoecium, androecium

stamen stamen

ovary section ovary section

ovary section ovary section

capsules capsules

capsule section capsule section

capsule cross section capsule cross section

seeds seeds
adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface leaf margin leaf margin abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

leaf and inflorescence


leaf abaxially