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Hibiscus physaloides Guill. et Perr.

Verified by: Temperate sect. 15 February 2010
Notes: Verified with Flora of Madagascar vol 129 Malvaceae by Hochreutiner. Leaves palmatilobed. stem hirsute with long stiff hairs. Epicalyx of 10 narrow bracts as long as or shorter than the calyx. Calyx campanuulate divided to half way with stiff hairs. Corolla shorter or as long as calyx, fused to the column in lower half, yellow to purplish. Staminal column with 5 stamens at the top those are bilocular. Lobes at the top of the column short. Styles and stigmas 5, stigmas red echinulate. Capsule loculicidal, seeds several per locule with flattened branched hairs. Margin of capsule long ciliate. The plant is similar to Hibiscus physaloides but the flowers are strikingly different they should have many stamens along the column and large petals. Cheek M 'this could be a cleistogamous form appearing under certian conditions, worth checking later if the plant will produce 'normal' flowers. The fact that the anthers are bilocular id very interesting'.
Wild voucher no:                                18 March 2007
Locality: Madagascar, Antsahanitia, 20km N. of Majunga.
Coordinates:  3m
Field notes: Coastal forest.
Collector: Silo Nat. Graines For. 1665

calyx calyx

epicalyx epicalyx

flower flower

corolla base corolla base

staminal column staminal column

staminal column staminal column

stigmas stigmas

anthers anthers

capsule capsule

section of the ovary section of the ovary

capsule capsule

capsule capsule

seeds seeds

seed seed

stem stem
abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface petiole apex petiole apex

flowering branch