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Hakea lissosperma R.Br.

Verified by: Temperate sect. 11 August 2014
Notes: Verified with Flora of Australia online ( Leaves alternate, simple and needle-like. Leaf surface not grooved. Flowers single or in very condensed few flowered racemes. Flowers white to 6mm long. Pedicels pubescent but tepals glabrous. Gynoecium to 9mm long, hypogynous gland 1 orbicular and lobed. Pollen presenter an oblique or lateral disc. Follicle very woody splitting on one side with verucose surface. Seeds 2 winged located in the same angle as stalk. Seed wing dark brown, broadly and fully down one side only.
Wild voucher no:                                 20 March 2008
Locality:  Australia, Tasmania, Mt Field National Park, Lake Dobson
Coordinates:  1059m
Field notes: Fruit purplish/brown. Leaves light grey/green. Subalpine forest canopy with Eucalyptus subcrenulata, E. coccifera understorey, Coprosma nitida and Richea sp. Mountain slope. Upright evergreen shrub.
Collector:Cooper OBryne 12

pedicels pedicels flowers flowers flowers flowers

flower flower

flower dissected flower dissected

style style

androecium androecium

stigmas stigmas

ovary, nectary scale ovary, nectary scale

ovary, nectary scale ovary, nectary scale

ovary cross section ovary cross section

follicle follicle

follicle follicle

seed seed

stem stem

leaf surface leaf surface

leaf apex leaf apex

leaf cross section leaf cross section

flowering branch