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Ipomopsis tenuituba (Rydb.) V.E.Grant

Verified by: Temperate sect.17 July 2012
Notes: Verified with Hickman 'The Jepson Manual Higher Plants of California' and Weber, WA. et al. 'Colorado Flora: Western Slope'. Stem to 50cm tall, glabrous. Leaves pinnatisect with narrow acute lobes, slightly fleshy. Flowers axillary or in clusters of 2-3 flowers. Calyx purplish, membranous and glandular flaring at apex and with linear lobes. Corolla to 37mm long, salmon-pink, slightly marked reddish at mouth. Tube 1mm at base and 2mm at apex not flaring very much. Stamens inserted below the mouth of the tube. Style half as long as corolla, nectary disc conspicuous. Similar and hybridize with I. aggregata.
Wild voucher no:                               2003
Locality: USA, Colorado, Park County
Field notes: Seed list no.14. Upright stems clothed in divided linear leaves with peachy pink long tubed trumpets.
Collector:Rocky Mtns Rare Pltss.n.

inflorescence inflorescence

corolla corolla corolla corolla

corolla mouth corolla mouth

corolla mouth corolla mouth

corolla tube corolla tube

calyx calyx

corolla tube corolla tube

androecium androecium

anthers anthers

gynoecium gynoecium

nectary disc nectary disc
ovary cross section ovary cross section ovary section ovary section stem stem
adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface c abaxial leaf surface  

flowering branch