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Turraea sericea Sm.

Verified by: Cable, S.12 April 2012
Notes: No account on Turraea of Madagascar found. Leaves with domatia at base. Inflorescence short sessile cymes. Flowers 5-merous. Calyx fused at base and ciliate. Petals free, coiled at maturity, white-green. Stamens fused in a very long column, bifid and with reflexed appendages at the apex. Anthers 10 apiculate at apex and hairy geniculate at base. Style long exserted , stigmas discoid with secondary pollen presenter below. Ovary 5-locular with a basal nectary disc.
Wild voucher no:                               28 September 2007
Locality: Madagascar, Petriky, Fort Dauphin
Coordinates: E6m
Field notes: Forest. Associated with Lantana sp., Vernonia sp. Black sandy soil.
Collector:Silo Nat. Graines For.P407

peduncle peduncle

calyx calyx

androecium and style androecium and style

stigmas and anthers stigmas and anthers

stigmas and secondary pollen presenter stigmas and secondary pollen presenter

androecium androecium

staminal column staminal column

staninal column section staninal column section

style style

ovary ovary

nectary disc nectary disc

ovary cross section ovary cross section

stem stem

adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface

abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

flowering branch