Abelia forestii
Lonicera ligustrina var.  yunnanensis
Leycesteria gracilis
Lonicera hispida

Lonicera litangensis

collecting in Yunnan 云南植物

Yunnan province is situated in southwest China. It is bordered by Xizang (Tibet) and Sichuan province to the north, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces to the east, Vietnam and Laos to the south and Burma to the west. The province is mountainous and botanically rich and is included within the Mountains of Southwest China Biodiversity Hotspot designated by Conservation Internationational. Southwest China is a centre of diversity for the Caprifoliaceae sensu latu (including Dipsaceae, Linnaeaceae, Morinaceae and Valerianaceae). The main aim of this expedition was to collect herbarium material of the large and morphologically diverse genus Lonicera,providing field data for the Caprifoliaceae account in Flora of China vol. 19, co-authored by Yang Qin-er (now published and available online). We also aimed to gather material for phylogenetic research in the Caprifoliaceae tribe Linnaeeae, which includes Abelia and Dipelta. In addition, we aimed to collect available fertile material of all species occurring in the habitats visited, contributing up-to-date distribution data to reflect the current status of the flora in Yunnan.
The expedition resulted in 53 herbarium collections of Caprifoliaceae (including 34 collections of the genus Lonicera & some important collections of Abelia forestii made in Laowo, Nujiang prefecture). We also made 287 herbarium collections of diverse families growing in the habitats visited and collected 320 DNA samples. Duplicates of the collections will be housed in Kunming (KUN).


金银花露 jīn yín huā lù (honey-suckle nectar drink Lonicera japonica



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