Yunnan 2010 Caprifoliaceae for the Flora of China


Clematis montana Buch.-Ham. var.  longipes W.T.Wang

Region:Yunnan; Kunming prefecture; Luquan yizu miaozu Zizhixian district
Gazetteer:Jiao zi shan (mountain) at the end of Z002 road off the Zhuan long section.
Coordinates: 26.0350 N, 102.8323 E  Alt: 2842m 

Climber, 6 m long up the Rhododendron. Flowers large with 4 creamy white tepals, pale yellow anthers. Sweet scented.
In steep shaded gully, S facing growing with Rhododendron, Stellaria, Potentilla, Sorbus, Ilex, Philadelphus, Silene, Rubus.

Identification Notes:Verified with Flora of China online Leaves opposite, ternate. Terminal leaflet weakly 3-lobed. Sepals glabrous adaxially, velutinous abaxially, spreading. Carpels glabrous. Inflorescence on old branches, fasciculate with long pedicels.
Ancillary Collections: Photos, DNA 

Borosova, R.; Guo, Y.; Landrein, S.; Liu, C. & Osborne, J.#1917               19 July 2010

morphological details

flower flower sepal surface sepal surface androecium, gynoecium androecium, gynoecium

gynoecium gynoecium

carpels carpels

stamens stamens

anthers anthers stem stem stem stem
leaf rachis leaf rachis adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface
field picture
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

Other field pictures

flower bud