Yunnan 2010 Caprifoliaceae for the Flora of China


Carpesium divaricatum Siebold & Zucc.    

Region:Yunnan; Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Pref.; Lushui Xian
Gazetteer:Gao li gong shan, 50 km from Liuku to Yao Jiaping on the 316 provincial road.
Coordinates: 25.9853 N, 98.7061 E  Alt: 2718m 

Capitula nodding, yellow. Herbs to 50 cm tall. Stems purple tinged. Aromatic when crushed.
Disturbed edge of track.

Identification Notes:Verified with Flora of China online Tribe INULEAE . Capitula terminal or on axillary branches, pedunculate. Phyllaries with obtuse apex in 2-3 whorls, not grading with leaf-like involucral bracts. Florets disc like; female on the outside and in several whorls, hermaphrodite in the middle. Florets glandular at the top. Cypsella cartilaginous at the apex. Leaves cuneate at base. C. divaricatum seem to have more phyllaries and more urceolate involucre.
Ancillary Collections: Photos, DNA 

Borosova, R.; Guo, Y.; Landrein, S.; Liu, C.; Osborne, J. & Zhang, T.#2066               25 July 2010

morphological details

capitulum capitulum florets florets phyllaries phyllaries

receptacle receptacle

florets florets

corolla corolla

cypselum cypselum adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface
field picture
flowering plant
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

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