Yunnan 2010 Caprifoliaceae for the Flora of China


Balanophora laxiflora Hemsl.    

Region:Yunnan; Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture; Yunlong xian
Gazetteer:Tian chi Nature Reserve
Coordinates: 25.8734 N, 99.3019 E  Alt: 2542m 

Male plant, red, fleshy. Inflorescences 10-15 cm tall. Flowers sessile. Pollen white. Rhizome cream with white speckles.
Pinus yunnanensis forest. Shaded area under Rhododendrons. Growing with Ternstroemia.

Identification Notes:Verified with Flora of China online Inflorescence without bracts subtending flowers. Perianth lobes heteromorphic.
Ancillary Collections: Photos, DNA 

Borosova, R.; Guo, Y.; Landrein, S.; Liu, C.; Osborne, J. & Zhang, T.#2133               29 July 2010

morphological details

male inflorescence male inflorescence male flowers male flowers scale scale

stem section stem section

field picture
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

Other field pictures

male inflorescence
male inflorescence