Yunnan 2010 Caprifoliaceae for the Flora of China


Primula anisodora Balf.f. & Forrest    

Region:Yunnan; Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture; Yunlong xian
Gazetteer:Bi Jiang river valley. Yakou, along provincial road 227 from Yunlong to Lanping.
Coordinates: 26.5791 N, 99.4385 E  Alt: 3037m 

Herb with flowering stems to 60 cm tall. Flowers pendent, corolla dark velvety red with a yellow ring inside at the mouth. Anthers yellow-brown.
Meadow. Growing along small stream with Rumex, Mimulus, Delphinium, Polygonum, Duchesnea, Aconitum and Thalictrum.

Identification Notes:Verified with Flora of China online Plants glabrous, not farinose. Capsule opening by short teeth. Corolla lobes emarginate, campanulate.
Ancillary Collections: Photos, DNA 

Borosova, R.; Guo, Y.; Landrein, S.; Liu, C.; Osborne, J. & Zhang, T.#2151               30 July 2010

morphological details

inflorescence inflorescence calyx calyx flower flower

corolla tube section corolla tube section

thrum flower gynoecium thrum flower gynoecium

capsule capsule

ovules ovules adaxial leaf surface adaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface abaxial leaf surface

additional pictures

flower flower
field picture
Herbarium voucher
Herbarium voucher

Other field pictures