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Thursday 05 August

四川 Sìchuān: Garze Tibetan Autonomous Pref.

稻城  Dàochéng on road S216 no. 79

Tibetan house along the road from 稻城

high altitude shrubland


river bank

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稻城  Dàochéng on road S216 no. 79

Roadside, SW-facing bank, 30° slope. With Codonopsis, Pedicularis, Lonicera, Notholirion, Thalictrum. Altitude: 3272m .

Codonopsis convolvulacea Kurz subsp. forrestii (Diels) D.Y.Hong & L.M.Ma Campanulaceae

Codonopsis subglobosa W.W.Smith Campanulaceae

Corallodiscus kingianus (Craib) B.L.Burtt Gesneriaceae

Lonicera hispida Pallas ex Roemer & Schultes Caprifoliaceae

Notholirion macrophyllum (D.Don) Boiss. Liliaceae

Pedicularis pseudomelampyriflora Bonati Orobanchaceae

Pedicularis tricolor Hand.-Mazz. var. tricolor Orobanchaceae

Primula pulchella Franch. Primulaceae

Thalictrum virgatum Hook.f. & Thompson Ranunculaceae

Rocky, SW-facing bank. With Quercus, Rhododendron, Morina, Cotoneaster, Potentilla. Growing in flat, grassy areas. Altitude: 3901m

Aletris pauciflora (Klotzsch) Hand.-Mazz. var. khasiana (Hook.f.) F.T.Wang & Tang Nartheciaceae

Anemone subpinnata W.T.Wang Ranunculaceae

Lonicera nigra L. Caprifoliaceae

Nardostachys jatamansi (D.Don) DC. Caprifoliaceae

Pedicularis integrifolia Hook.f. subsp. integerrima (Pennell & H.L.Li) P.C.Tsoong Orobanchaceae

Pedicularis lachnoglossa Hook.f. Orobanchaceae

Pedicularis trichocymba H.L.Li Orobanchaceae

Rhododendron orthocladum Balf.f. & Forrest var. orthocladum Ericaceae

High altitude meadow with shrubs. Yaks grazing. Growing with Ribes, protected from grazing in a patch of Juniperus and Berberis. Altitude: 4255m

Codonopsis foetens Hook.f. & Thomson subsp. nervosa (Chipp) D.Y.Hong Campanulaceae

Cyananthus macrocalyx Franch. Campanulaceae

Lonicera litangensis Batalin Caprifoliaceae

Lonicera rupicola Hook.f. & Thompson var. syringantha (Maxim.) Zabel Caprifoliaceae

Rocky river gorge, slope 20°, S-facing. With Rubus, Clematis, Ribes, Prunus, Deutzia, Quercus. Altitude: 3780m

Impatiens cf. subecalcarata (Hand.-Mazz.) Y.L.Chen Balsaminaceae

Lonicera tangutica Maxim. Caprifoliaceae

River bank with Clematis, Salix and Artemisia. Growing in shingle/gravel. Altitude: 3854m

Lonicera trichosantha Bureau & Franch. var. trichosantha Caprifoliaceae


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