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Friday 06 August 2010


83 km From 乡城  Xiāngchéng (Chaktreng) to 香格里拉 Xiānggélǐlā (Shangri-la)

route from 乡城 to 香格里拉

Conifer forest

Conifer forest

Grazed boggy meadow

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83 km From 乡城  Xiāngchéng (Chaktreng) to 香格里拉 Xiānggélǐlā (Shangri-la)

Stream gully in Abies forest. With Ligularia, Sorbus, Acer, Rubus, Berberis, Lonicera trichosantha, Lonicera hispida, Sambucus, Astilbe and Rhododendron. Altitude: 3841m .

Aquilegia rockii Munz Ranunculaceae

Roadside with Abies, Berberis and Salix. Altitude: 4183m .

Lonicera trichosantha Bureau & Franch. var. deflexicalyx (Diels) P.S.Hsu & H.J.Wang Caprifoliaceae

Pasture with shrubs. Boggy area with Iris, Ajuga, Spiranthes, Sanguisorba and Filipendula. Altitude: 3219m .

Filipendula vestita (Wall. ex G.Don) Maxim. Rosaceae

Phlomis atropurpurea Dunn Lamiaceae


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